The Two Things You Need to Get More Clients

The number one thing we hear over and over from our Braid Method clients and newsletter subscribers is this:

I need to know how to get more clients.

We hear you. And honestly the question “how do I get more clients?” always makes us feel a little uneasy over here. Because the truth is this: there is no guaranteed formula, blueprint, or silver bullet that will get you more clients.

However… we do believe in attracting clients with confident positioning + compelling content. If you can position yourself as a trusted and relatable expert by consistently sharing your gifts of knowledge, and be able to articulate how it is you can help … well, you’ll have potential clients knocking down the door begging to work with you.

Can you imagine if your biggest problem wasn’t getting clients but having to say no and determining what to raise your prices to? That’s what we believe solid positioning and reliably good content does.

Try this:

My name is ___[this can be your name + business]___. I offer ____ [this is your service or product] ____ for people who ____[this describes your dream client and what they need from you]______.

Got it? Good. Go update your About Me page, social media profiles, and practice saying it over and over again for those networking conversations. Now, we know that simplifying your positioning statement to two sentences might feel uncomfortable. We know that you do more than JUST that – or that those two lines don’t fully capture your entire story the way you want them to. And that’s where content comes in. But for now, if you can get super simple and clear on what it is you do, and for who, you are setting up the foundation of a brand that attracts and sells without confusing your potential client.

I’ll be writing more about how you can back up your positioning and dive deep with content (blogs! newsletters! podcasts! social media!) to evolve, explore, or deepen your expertise and attract dream clients next week.

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