The Braid Method Branding Workbook

for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Your brand is a first impression and your lasting reputation. It’s what you offer and how you make people feel.

Here at Braid Creative we are known for designing and writing engaging, cohesive, and articulate brand platforms that capture the true personality and expertise of our clients. The Braid Method™ is how we do it. It’s a strategic process we use to get underneath who you are, what you want to be known for, and create an emotional connection between your offering and your purpose. We’ve been using this method for over a decade to create clear, cohesive, and authentic brand platforms for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and people-driven organizations.

The Braid Method Workbook is a packaged collection of the exercises and tools we use to develop successful brands that look, sound, and feel… like you.

With this workbook you will be able to identify who you are, give voice to what you want to be known for, and find the words that will create an emotional connection between your expertise and your purpose. It’s brand strategy with a pinch of intuition.

This kind of brand clarity will help you stand out, build an audience, and attract more dream customers. The Braid Method workbook gives you just the space you need to get it all down on paper and out into the world.

The Braid Method Branding Workbook

6 sections + 22 worksheets

Section 1: Your Personal Brand - Get You into What You Do

Section 2: Your Expertise - What You Want to Be Known For

Section 3: Your Dream Customers - Make Them Real

Section 4: Get Blended - Shape Your Brand Messages

Section 5: Your Brand Identity - The Look & Feel of Your Business

Section 6: Your Brand Platform - Bringing it All Together

Buy the workbook - $79

This branding workbook might have you thinking deeply about your brand vision for the first time, or seeing your brand from a new perspective. Whether you’re starting a new venture or evolving a business you’ve been running for a while, these brand exercises are designed to bring more clarity and authenticity to your brand in all the places you show up online and off.

You want your brand to:

- be more articulate
- reflect your true style and voice
- attract your dream customers
- build an audience
- move your business forward
- make more money
- align your purpose with your career

You might struggle with:

- having too many ideas
- differentiating yourself from the competition
- growing an engaged following
- being able to talk about the work you do
- telling people how to hire you
- owning your expertise
- creating a cohesive brand identity

After you work through this self-guided workbook you’ll be better equipped with a brand foundation. This foundation will give you the confidence to show up with the words and strategy you need to clarify your offering, grow your business, attract your dream clients, and build an engaged audience – all in your own standout style.

Buy the workbook - $79

Hi! We’re Tara Street (left) and Kathleen Shannon (right). Braid Creative was founded by us in 2010, and we created this workbook together. We are business partners and literal sisters. Tara is known for crafting brand messaging and bringing in the layers that make it real. When she’s got her writing cap on, the keys are flying! Sometimes when Tara shares the brand stories she writes for our clients, they cry. Happy tears. Kathleen is a graphic designer at heart with expertise in personal branding and content creation. Whether podcasting, writing articles, filming videos, or creative directing our team – every project and conversation Kathleen is part of inspires her clients and audience to unapologetically own it.

Together we created these brand exercises for our clients but have come to rely on these very worksheets to collaborate and craft authentic brand platforms. And our clients have walked away pleasantly surprised with the clarity and confidence they cultivate when putting pen to paper on these worksheets.

We can't wait to help you get clear, get blended and get started!
– Tara & Kathleen


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