Keeping The Dream Job Dreamy

When you work for yourself, it’s not like you’re in a constant state of bliss. But it’s nice, even exhilarating, when I’m randomly struck by how much freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment I really have. I feel it when I see the client names and ecourse enrollments on our chalkboard. I feel it when I see all the patchwork colors of the appointments on our calendar. It feels good to be busy, productive, and thriving.

Because the next newsletter that’s due to go out, or the next brand platform due to a client aren’t overwhelming to-do’s—they don’t want to make me throw my hands up or quit, they fuel the dream! I know the work will unfold and happen the way it always does, in methodical steps, not in late nights or mad dashes.

This has become my natural humdrum way of working and living. There’s no going back now. For me, it’s the day-to-day routines and ways of doing business that really make my job dreamy.

when you're in a rut at work

1. We share content consistently & stick to sharing what we’re known for.
Kathleen, my younger sister and the force behind how we share content at Braid, loves routines. She also loves sharing content – blogging, podcasting, videocasting, and creating products that can help lots of people.

Maybe this part isn’t as fun for you. I’m more naturally inclined to the one-on-one dialogue of working with a client. But I still see how sharing content—at our own pace, on the platforms we feel comfortable with, and in our own voice—keeps our dream going:

    • Sharing content attracts people who are a fit with our style and what we have to teach them. It’s a following that’s growing all the time, but not willy-nilly or without intent.
    • Sharing with people who feel like a fit, means even if just a few of them decide to work with us, we’re not over-proving ourselves or selling them something they don’t want or need.
    • Sharing content positions us as relatable experts, so whether they decide to sign up for our ECourse or work with us 1:1, we can really make the most impact for everyone involved—not as order-takers, but as trusted guides.
    • Sharing content is happening all the time, so even if business gets slow, the fire doesn’t ever really go out, it sustains. If we find ourselves in a natural lull, we don’t fret, we spend that energy writing an amazing piece of content to share instead.

Sharing content consistently is like keeping the coals burning so your fire doesn’t go out. It’s how you slowly & consistently keep fueling the dream.

2. When it comes to selling our services, we stick to the offering we’re known for.
As the older, more methodical sister, what I love is the process of the work we do. What’s so dreamy about it for me, is having an offering that is so clearly defined by our expertise (what we’re best at) and following the same steps every single time. It’s also how we manage all the projects we take on without getting stressed out or feeling trapped in a job of our own making. Here’s what might sound dreamy about this kind of structure for you, too:

Structuring your offering in a methodical way keeps you from burning out. You get to take each project or client one step at a time, as a trusty guide, not a scattered order taker. Otherwise, your dream job could become just another a day job of your own making.

    • we can do a lot of things, but we don’t have to sell them all (or get spread thin)
    • we stick to one primary offering (with steps and ingredients we always include)
    • so selling feels like second nature (explaining the path & what they get at the end!)
    • we can layer projects more easily & scheduling is a no-brainer (no all-nighters!)
    • the client collaboration is genuine (and we get to be the guides)
    • client approval is a dream (because they’ve been a true part of the process)
    • building a team is easier (everyone knows their roles and the steps)
    • launching a product is just a natural outcome (if it’s part of your dreamy vision)
    • because your process inspires & inform the content you share (full circle people!)


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