What Do You Want to Be Doing All Day?

Tara and I work with lots of creatives who want to empower, inspire, champion, and charge. We love some grand vision as much as the next guy but these kinds of lofty goals always leave us asking “Okay, that’s great – but what do you actually want to be doing all day?”

If you can’t identify what your day of empowering and inspiring actually looks like, in very specific detail, than you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Empowering, inspiring, and championing are really great core values – but what’s the action? (click to tweet) And how do you actually explain how you provide that to your audience?

How to get specific about your business offering

You have to remember that you cannot sell inspiration, you cannot sell empowerment, and you cannot sell customer service. (click to tweet) Those are things that people experience after they’ve already hired you, so you need to get specific about what you’re offering that might create those experiences as a byproduct.

One of the reasons this gets so hard for creative entrepreneurs is because often we have so many different interests, and we don’t want to “limit” ourselves to just one thing. But you have to remember: It just starts with one thing, and you can always add on those layers to weave together your various interests into a cohesive brand later on. Nothing is permanent, you can always change it if it’s not working, but you’ve got to get specific or your followers will be confused as to what it is you’re actually offering.

what do you do

So try this:
Ask yourself: If you could just do one thing all day, every day, what would that be?

Then ask yourself: If you could stop doing one thing, what would that be?

Now, let’s put the big picture aside and get specific about what you want: Do you want to be making things with your hands? Are you designing or delegating? Do your meetings take place in coffee shops or do you prefer to keep your communication streamlined to email? Are you blogging, Tweeting, and / or Facebooking? Are you teaching, guiding, and coaching? What do you want to be known for? Are you selling a service or a product? What’s the deliverable? What’s your creative process? What do you not want to be doing?

If you’re frankly not sure what you want to be doing all day, you’re not alone. Try this exercise to create a specific vision of what you want your ideal day to look like:

We’ve all found ourselves at times feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and spread thin at what’s supposed to be the ever-fulfilling dream job we’ve created for ourselves. I think it’s because we don’t have a clear vision of what we want our life (or job) to actually look like. We’re overlooking the details for a lofty ideal that we can’t quite pinpoint. So sign up for our Letters for Creatives Newsletter to get our Ideal Day worksheet that will help you to really narrow in on your dream day.

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Be sure to get as specific as possible about how your future self experiences the day using all five senses – what you feel, what you smell, your environment, the kinds of conversations you’re having, and the work you may or may not be doing. Be mindful about not getting too generic or broad with your vision – the dream is in the details! Start a Pinterest board to bring visuals to your dream day.

Now once you’ve day dreamed about your ideal day take just one element of that day and make it a reality. Start small and commit for 40 days – this will make it more likely that your new dreamy habit sticks! If you can incorporate this aspect of your future ideal day into your present day reality you’re one step closer to living that vision.


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