We love video, and more and more credit unions are using the power of video to connect with people. So, why aren’t you doing it more?

We’re going to give you some ideas to try, easy, simple, no-pressure ways to baby step into video. Or if you’re already doing video, find out ways you can make it even better.

In this episode Tara and Holly of Braid Creative encourage credit unions to reorient how they think about video – not only for brand videos or commercials, but layered into other tactics like social media, how-to videos, celebrations, and events.

This podcast is here to help credit union marketers like you remember how creative you are, how much you love your job (and your credit union!), and get some new creative ideas to try out along the way.

  • 1:45 video statistics
  • 4:00 YouTube is a new language
  • 8:58 Game of Thrones books vs. the HBO show *correction: number of viewers that watched the GOT finale on HBO was 13.6 million people!
  • 11:30 we are Game of Thrones fan girls
  • 15:05 video has exploded through technology
  • 21:00 consuming more than one screen at a time (sometimes up to three!)
  • 23:00 how to make your video production better
  • 25:40 how to get the most out of your credit union videos
  • 30:00 how to better serve your members with video
  • 33:05 the intersection of credit unions and video

This free downloadable worksheet outlines fives ways to use video for your credit union marketing & message, plus three styles to try out to make your videos even better! Plus, we look at what problems your video is solving and identifying where you’ll share.

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