Amy Schmid | Schmid Consulting / Affordable Housing Asset Manager

“Before I hired Braid, I hesitated to even hand out my business cards, because my brand was so beneath the quality of the work I do.  It’s like when you hear someone on the radio for years, and then you see their face, and you are like, ‘That’s your face? They don’t match.’  My brand and my work didn’t match. I spent tons of energy doing these tweaks to try to solve the problem, and it never made a difference, so I was left frustrated and exhausted.

My favorite part of working with Braid was getting to go through the process with these women.  I had no idea that my brand could say so much about me and my work, and ultimately do a ton of client selection work for me.  The exercises and conversations brought SO much insight to the table, that my brand now says things about me that I didn’t even know I wanted it to say about me.  

Now that I have my new brand platform, I can’t wait for people to see my cards and website, so I just naturally network more. I was procrastinating updating my website, because no matter what I did, I didn’t like it. Once I received my platform from Braid, I got my website updated in two weeks.  I couldn’t wait for people to see it!  I have been gifted with the peace of mind that comes from complete trust that my brand will bring me the right clients.”

Amy Schmid, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN


607 NW 28th Street, Suite G
Oklahoma City, OK 73103