Commonplace Books

When four partners with a shared passion decided to pursue the shared dream of opening Oklahoma City’s newest independent bookstore in its urban core – they knew immediately outside help and expertise was required if they wanted to act on the essence of their brand identity in a clear and compelling way. That’s when they hired Braid. Can we just say? It was a dream for us, too.

“For us, there was a single option: Braid Creative. Kathleen and Tara had already reached legendary status in my mind. They had this secret-society-like reputation for helping pioneers and entrepreneurs of all kinds, move their startups beyond an abstract vision to a concrete and actionable plan to make their dream a reality.

The Braid Process was like nothing I’ve experienced before or since. The clarifying questions and direct challenges guided us through our own vague or ambiguous impulses toward the brand we imagined. The power lies in their ability to listen, truly listen, with intellect and emotion and respond with competence and precision.

As a visionary, I typically see what others have not yet seen. As a pioneer, I’m prepared to set off for unchartered territory. As an entrepreneurial leader, I’ve gotten used to the isolation that can occur as you break from the pack to launch a never before seen enterprise.

But with Braid, I met my match: they saw what I saw and more; they traversed rough terrain alongside of me with skill and sure-rootedness; and together, in the context of community, we created the future.

Working with Braid was an act of love, a work of art, and a bit of magic!!! Simply put, they’re the absolute best – unmatched in every respect.”

– Benjamin Nockels | Co-Founder | Commonplace Books | Oklahoma City, OK


607 NW 28th Street, Suite G
Oklahoma City, OK 73103