Erica Midkiff / Content Coaching

Erica came to Braid to help her with brand clarity. She wanted to define what being a content coach meant (and didn’t mean) for her potential dream clients, what she had to offer from a big picture perspective, and how she could help them stay accountable, focused and on track with a kind guide at their side throughout the content-creation process.

“I’m the type of person who has to at least try to figure things out on my own, but while I had been working super hard to define my path, I was struggling with how to explain, clearly and consistently, the answers I had found—the ways I KNEW I could help my dream customers.

After (too) much struggling—I help other creatives distill their ideas for a living, so I kept telling myself if I just worked harder, I could do it myself—I turned to Braid, and the instant I hired them, everything changed.

I relaxed knowing I had the right team in my corner, but I also started taking myself more seriously; I had invested in my dream, and I knew I had to live up to that investment.

I had been following Braid for years and had taken all of their e-courses, so I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I was blown away by the experience. The combination of the team’s wisdom is incredible, and everyone listened closely, captured all the things I was saying and struggling with, and then turned my words into something that just felt right. They also listened to my vision for the look and feel of my brand and nailed it on the first try—tough to do for someone who’s as particular as I am.

I felt comfortable every step of the way, knowing I was being seen, heard, and understood (crucial for me in any situation), and since working with Braid, my confidence in my work and my message has increased so much that I don’t even recognize the old me when I think back just a few months. I cannot recommend working with Braid enough!”

– Erica Midkiff | Homewood, AL


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