Heather Richard / Writer, Librarian, Teacher

Heather Richard is a writer (and so much more!) who struggled sharing “all the things” she could be hired to do. Working with us she found how all the threads could weave together into one clear brand position. Through the branding process, her primary offering became clear, to package the writing workshops and mentoring first, and let the other threads – writing, teaching, officiating – click into place from there.

“At the end of last year, I was frustrated that I couldn’t articulate the vision I had for the work I was meant to do (as a wedding officiant, novelist, and librarian, and teacher). To top it off, even with a successful side hustle, I didn’t have anything close to a professional, cohesive brand – I had a couple of DIY websites and some vague ideas about how to tie it all together. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and out of my element. I needed help.

I thought working with Braid was just going to be about me getting a visual brand identity, but it was actually so much more. The Braid Method is life-changing. It changed the way I saw myself and my career. I can help other people write the stories they are meant to tell, but I couldn’t write my own story without Braid’s help.

Braid not only gave The Art of Story Catching a beautiful brand guide and logo that absolutely matched the personal brand I was creating, they gave me the confidence to see myself as a creative expert.

The Braid team are masters at providing branding and visioning guides for creatives. But what they really do is work to open you up and become more wholehearted, and what they really offer you is a way of seeing the truest expression of your purpose.

I signed up for the full Braid Method because I had more money than time, and I knew I needed someone else to create the visuals I needed to express my brand. And the return on investment? An amazing brand, a vision for my future, and the pleasure of having felt the personal transformation that only comes when you find the unique thing that only you can offer the world.”

– Heather Richard, Turners Falls, MA


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