HUMiN / Inclusion Partners

Mitch Shepard, founder of WiRL Leadership for women, came to Braid after working together on her original brand, to guide and create a name change, updated positioning, and a more expansive brand to fit a larger vision for her program, team and her clients. Together through on-the-ground client research and taking the team through The Braid Method, we created the HUMiN Inclusion Partners brand platform. Not only does the new brand update their identity and messaging, but helps them shift their client conversations to include more than just gender parity, but a need for diversity and inclusion starting at the top and across all layers of company eco-systems.

“I have worked with Braid twice and have been so incredibly satisfied both times. Braid has this amazing way of combining all of what our business has been in the past, with all of what we are today, and looking into the future with us and really getting to the heart of who we are trying to become for our clients.

They are incredible listeners. As our team talks to them about what is important to each of us, to our customers, and to our goals and purpose as a whole – and they are right in it with us, asking great questions and guiding us along the way.

Then they weave it all together in such a way, that it’s like they’ve packaged up the exact essence of what we were trying to say much more beautifully and concisely than we could ever do it.

In addition, Tara, Kathleen, Holly and Liz have all just been completely fun to work with. They turned what I was considering a pretty painful process, into something really fun, creative and clarifying. I just can’t thank them enough. I’ve already referred at least ten people their way.

Thank you thank you Braid. I couldn’t do it without you.”

– Mitch Shepard | Founder of WiRL and HUMiN Inclusion Partners | Seattle, WA


607 NW 28th Street, Suite G
Oklahoma City, OK 73103