Karlos K. Hill / Writer, Speaker, & Scholar

Author, speaker, and scholar Karlos K. Hill had a big year. His book, “The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre,” was about to be released in 2021. Meanwhile, his media appearances as a contributing speaker about race in America were becoming in demand. Collaborations in culture-changing documentaries and projects were taking this college professor into new territory. Hill’s ability to bring a historical context and perspective on current events, from the outcry against police brutality to disruption of systemic racism, meant he had to be ready for the next chapter of his profession and purpose – one where he would have an even greater impact for his students, readers and greater community. In short, Karlos had done a tremendous amount of work leading up to 2021, really honing in on his voice and identity – but it wasn’t articulated on any of his platforms. He asked Braid to help.

“I wanted to be different than other experts and academics by delivering scholarly content to people who want to be more informed about African American history – and engage in more thoughtful dialogue about race & racism in America today.”

“My written words may be academic and theoretical, but when I speak, it’s not like that. It’s more about what this means to you – right now.”

“Working with Braid Creative was sheer joy. From start to finish, I enjoyed the Braid process of translating a raw vision into a clear and compelling brand identity. Most of all, I made friends in the process.”

“Braid rocks! Work with them.”

– Karlos K. Hill, Author, Speaker & Community-Engaged Scholar / Norman, Oklahoma


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