Kate Andrew | Nourish Midwifery / Midwifery & Postpartum Care

“I have owned my own businesses since 2005 and have worked hard to learn how to run every single aspect of those businesses (including branding), from the very beginning. I want things to be done right and well and it is important to me that clients feel that everything I put out there comes straight from me – so they know that what they see is what they get, enabling them to relax when it comes to the things they’ve entrusted into my care.

I found and followed Braid Creative for almost a year before I reached out, and waited close to another year before I finally took a deep breath and hired Braid Creative to create a brand platform for my work. In 2017, I took my very first leap into trusting another business with my own precious business.

I wish I had leapt sooner.

Tara and Liz were so easy to work with. The process, from hire to final product, was laid out from the very beginning so I knew exactly what to expect and when. The Braid Team listened so well and heard everything I said (and also what I didn’t say – the stuff between the lines). When they showed me what they’d worked so hard on between our meetings, I was floored. I didn’t realize the weight I’d been carrying when it came to self-branding, until that weight was lifted and the trust I had tentatively put into others was shown to be completely justified. They had found a way to put images and words to who I am as a midwife, a business owner and a human being.

Braid’s creative process and final project were, in a word, perfect.”

– Kate Andrew, Northfield, MN


607 NW 28th Street, Suite G
Oklahoma City, OK 73103