Kimberly Ann Johnson / Author & Online Educator

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a successful author and online course creator who reached out to us needing a rebrand before releasing her next book. Equipped with a powerful personality, abundant passion, and deep expertise we helped Kimberly blend who she is into the work she does with a brand that unifies all that she does.

“We are so thrilled with the process and how everything came together!

We talked to a couple of branding agencies and ultimately we decided to move forward with Braid because they showed an understanding of the women who I work with. They also had experience working with clients who had created digital platforms and whose work included online courses, podcasts, and published books. We needed help being able to draw a common throughline and message that would translate across each individual body of work.

I tend to be a circular thinker and speaker, so working with Braid was like having someone thoughtfully mine the gems that come up as I talk about my work in the world.

Once they’d selected the gems to work with they were able to string them together to create a clear journey for my students and future students to follow as they learn how to experience and understand their nervous system.

The new brand platform gave us the foundation we needed to move forward on a full website redesign for the launch of my new book. The process allowed us to draw a throughline across our many projects so that the mission and message is clear.”

Kimberly Ann Johnson, Southern California


607 NW 28th Street, Suite G
Oklahoma City, OK 73103