Lindsay Cameron Wilson / Writer, Stylist, and Podcaster

Lindsay Wilson is a food writer, stylist and broadcaster who was looking for a way to bring together all the threads of her food experiences to create one cohesive, articulate brand message, look and feel. The personal-meets-professional brand we created for her honored the depth of experience she already brought to the table, paired with a healthy dash of her future vision for where she was going next, from podcasting and beyond.

“My Braid story began with Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In a nutshell, Marie says throw out anything in your life that doesn’t spark joy. After a good sock drawer purge, I had a thought – it wasn’t just my home that needed purging. My career, my website, my disparate brand: none of it was sparking joy. This lack of focus in my work life meant I wasn’t moving forward in my business in a confident way. I needed an intervention. So I reached out to Braid and asked them to ‘Marie Kondo’ my brand. I had no idea the joy I had in store…

The Braid team has a system that is incredibly organized and professional, without sacrificing creativity.

Their job was to help me pull together my life as a food stylist, writer, cooking show host, podcast host and photographer. Not an easy task. Yet somehow the structure they have in place left so much room for the creative process to flow. The result was a look and tone I never could have imagined! The whole brand platform sparks joy.

My web designer took what they created, and build a beautiful website from it. I’ve taken this new site with its confident tone and ran with it. It’s the focal point of my career – the home base for all that I do. I’m proud of it, and this pride has given me so much confidence to push my business in new directions. Yes, it has sparked joy, but it has also made me feel more boss!”

– Lindsay Cameron Wilson, Halifax, Nova Scotia


607 NW 28th Street, Suite G
Oklahoma City, OK 73103