Present Tense Fitness / Strength coaching for dancers

Jason and Susan Harrison of Present Tense Fitness hired Braid to help them niche their strength & conditioning fitness business specifically to the ballet and dance community. They also needed a brand that felt more global as they scaled their offerings from one-on-one to remote coaching and an online course.

“We always knew we wanted to hire Braid based on what we’d learned from Kathleen over the years through her social media content. We were waiting for when we were ready to truly capitalize on Braid’s expertise to hire the firm, and finally the timing was right.

The Braid process was fun because it allowed us to think about our business and our assets in ways we don’t always do during the everyday grind. It gave us full permission to think through our influences and inspiration instead of just thinking about the next problem or obstacle.

We found ourselves surprisingly inspired by our own work. Probably we shouldn’t need permission to feel that way, but that’s exactly what the Braid process did for us.

The folks at Braid take the time to get to know the people behind the brand, and they do the research to get to know the brand too. This dual approach–people + brand–is clearly reflected in the finished work.

We saw an immediate impact from the deliverables. The content we generated was easier for us to share, and we saw an increase in the amount of times that people reposted our content on social media.

We’ve had some degree of confidence that we were making solid substantive contributions in our industry, but what Braid did was give us the ability to share that expertise in a way that invited more engagement. And that happened immediately.

We were surprised to see how good it felt to have the very best of us reflected back during some of the initial exercises and meetings. We know that positivity is part of the process, but when that positivity is linked so directly to authentic aspects of what we’re already doing, the mirroring really made us feel good about ourselves and our business.

– Jason Harrison, Dayton, OH


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Oklahoma City, OK 73103