Stephanie Stiavetti / Kitchen Coach

Food author and teacher, Stephanie Stiavetti, was seeking a brand that would help her dream clients know exactly what they could expect from her: fun, big personality, delicious food, big-time support & feeling better than they had for years. And boy did we have fun creating a brand that captured Stephanie’s calming expertise, blended with her fearless, badass confidence.

“For years I’d tiptoed around calling my business an actual business because I was never able to clearly state exactly what it was I did, or why I did it. I understood that I was passionate about food and cooking, and I knew what tasks I performed every day, but I didn’t have a clear path or solid mission to explain my goals (or how they would make me money). This obviously affected my bottom line. As I struggled for cohesion, my dream suffered because I was off chasing any random idea that popped into my head. Whenever someone asked me about my business, I just gave a vague, unsatisfying answer. I had no clear path to follow and my potential customers knew it.

During the course of their work with me, Braid developed a 30-page visual document that solidified my brand vision through poignant observations they’ve gleaned from their interactions with me. In return, I received a beautiful digital vision board that outlines the most important reasons I do what I do. Then, with that deep understanding of my passions and personal motivations in hand, they developed my visual identity and succinct messaging geared at attracting the exact people I want to work with.

Before I worked with Braid, I had no idea how my personal brand intersected with my business, or what that even meant. Braid helped me to understand that a personal brand is the part of myself I’m extending to the world, the essence of me that attracts my dream customers, makes a connection, and fulfills their needs.

They gave me a flashlight and walked me out of the dark cave of indecision and muddled business planning. For the first time ever, I can see into the distance. I’m super stoked for the future!”

– Stephanie Stiavetti | Fearless Fresh | Oakland, CA


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