Brené Brown & The Daring Way / Education & Training from Dr. Brené Brown

Dr. Brene Brown reached out to Braid Creative to help her refine her personal brand after the success of her book Daring Greatly and just before appearing on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Her challenge was blending an academic background in research with the personality and values she was becoming known for. From there we helped her establish a brand identity and collateral materials for The Daring Way and Courage Works. These days we continue to help The Daring Way team with ongoing collateral needs and design.

“Braid has been such a huge part of my story and my journey. Our team couldn’t have accomplished what we’ve done without them. Whenever we are in struggle, we still go back to our Braid Method exercises. They have been central to what we do.

One of my favorite parts of working with Braid is turning our explicit values and ideas into words and images. There is such a huge power in combining images and words.

What I found with Braid’s process and their incredible listening skills (that was a no-holds barred, no bullsh*t process, that made me resentful at first because I just wanted a new logo!) was that the digging in helped me reclaim and excavate who I am. I didn’t have to hide my creative side (or my washi tape!) to share my researcher side. I can have a brand and be who I am – a more wholehearted person.”

– Brene Brown, Houston, Texas (sharing about Braid on the Being Boss podcast)

“We’ve been working with Braid for over two years on everything from branding The Daring Way, to publication and collateral layouts. Braid’s work is beautiful and always on-brand. We’ve learned tons from them and have enjoyed working with them so much that this past year we invited them to present at our best practices conference to share their marketing expertise with our community of helping professionals.

We cannot say enough about the way Braid shows up for us in the work that we have created. They take our research and ideas and turn them into beautiful workbooks, posters, and photos. They’re talented, flexible, and they always get it right. We are so lucky to have them on our side.”

– Ashley Brown Ruiz, Director of The Daring Way, Houston, Texas


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