A Marketing Podcast for Credit Unions

Pre.S. Braid has launched (a very niche) podcast for Credit Union marketers. In this post I’m going to talk about why we created such a narrow piece of content for a very specific audience and if you are a small business or creative entrepreneur why you might want to try doing the same!

But if you do work at a credit union or community bank this podcast is for you. Or maybe you have colleagues, friends, or family who work in the financial marketing industry – feel free to do us a solid and share the podcast trailer with them!


Before we started Braid Creative, and grew our team to what it is today, most of us worked together at an advertising agency as creative designers, copywriters, account directors and strategists, accountants, media planners and buyers – and our primary clientele at that agency was credit unions. So when we launched Braid Creative we imagined that we would be a boutique branding & marketing agency for credit unions. It’s an industry we had experience in! Yet, we naturally grew to make a name for ourselves branding small businesses and solo entrepreneurs like therapists & life coaches, real estate developers, and other creative entrepreneurs.

Our original vision of working with credit unions did eventually come to fruition and today we still take both organizations and entrepreneurs through The Braid Method® process to help them authentically brand and position themselves to their dream client. We were able to scale our team and deliverables to better serve our clients of any size – from the solopreneur to multi-tiered institutions.


In 2015 Braid co-founder and creative director Kathleen Shannon started the Being Boss podcast with her “business bestie” Emily Thompson where they talked about all things business and branding specifically for creative entrepreneurs. With Being Boss we saw how powerful podcasting was in both generously sharing expertise and connecting with an audience in a genuine way – and we knew eventually we would like to do the same with our expertise and personalities at Braid Creative.

Listen to Kathleen and Tara of Braid Creative on the Being Boss podcast:


Braid Creative has published a limited-run and super niche podcast just for credit union marketers! The idea had been brewing for a while but after having to cancel a few speaking gigs in the credit union industry (due to the COVID pandemic) we decided to bring our almost 20 years of agency experience and expertise for credit union marketing straight to your ears!

We’ve released six episodes specifically for credit unions on:

Hosts and Braid partners Tara Street and Holly Arter are sharing their experience, insights, and expertise on all things credit union marketing. Plus, every episode comes with a free downloadable worksheet to help you get your ideas on paper.

You can listen & download worksheets on our website or wherever you get your podcasts >


Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, or even a larger organization – the idea of getting daringly narrow with your brand positioning and marketing efforts can sometimes feel like boxing yourself in, painting yourself in a corner, and alienating potential customers (who can pay you) and help your business grow.

Narrowing in can feel so intimidating and scary – but we know from experience that you don’t need an entire rebrand to get daringly narrow. You can experiment with speaking to your dream customer in your content like blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media posts, and even sales campaigns targeting a specific segment of your audience.

So that’s what we decided to do! We are already staffed up to serve credit unions and we saw an opportunity to reach out to this client base in a way that isn’t super common in this industry. We wanted to share our expertise in branding and marketing as it relates to financial institutions, while at the same time sharing our personalities and company culture (we talk about TV shows and movies A LOT).

You can’t be everything to everyone – specificity is what resonates.

What this means for our podcast is that we’re not going to appeal to a lot of people. But our goal isn’t to get a book deal or hit the top charts in iTunes. We simply want to connect and resonate with a credit union marketer who wants to feel less alone and more enthusiastic about their job. That’s it.

Listen to the Braid podcast and download the interactive worksheets on our website here or listen anywhere you get podcasts.


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